Sunday, June 14, 2009

Does Danny actually go into room 237?


In the movie we never see Danny in room 237 and there is a reason.

You may be wondering how I’m so sure that Danny didn’t go into room 237 because if you listened closely to the dialog Wendy tells this to Jack, “No. It's the truth, really. I swear it. Danny told me. He went up into one of the bedrooms, the door was open, and he saw this crazy woman in the bathtub. She tried to strangle him.” But you must think about this for a moment. Danny “Shines” and sees visions throughout the movie, how can we know for sure that what he tells Wendy wasn’t a vision of a woman in 237 while he was standing there at the doorway or while he was somewhere else in the hotel? After all this statement is no stretch of the movie’s reality because when Jack walks into room 237 and “Shines” the vision of what he’s seeing into both Danny’s and Dick Hallorann’s minds, they see it as real even though they’re nowhere near that room (click here). Danny is beat up by something yet there’s nothing in room 237 that can hurt anyone and the proof of this is in this statement by a person who has spent a lot of time in The Overlook, can also “Shine” and knows exactly what he's talking about;

“You're scared of Room 237, ain'tcha?”
“No I ain't.”
“Mr. Hallorann, what is in Room 237?”
“Nothing. there ain't nothing in Room 237”

Stanley Kubrick is explaining everything for us in the dialogue. Dick Hallorann’s statement is crystal clear and can’t be changed; if there was anything that could hurt Danny in room 237 he would have told him so and the fact that he doesn’t is very telling;

“Remember what Mr. Hallorann said. It's just like pictures in a book, Danny. It isn't real.”

"It isn't real" and what "isn't real" simply can't beat you up. There isn’t anything in that room but an echo of a past event that only a person who “Shines” can see. Stanley Kubrick plainly tells us this in the dialogue.

“Not things that anyone can notice, but things that people who shine can see"

Jack obviously “Shines”. That's why he can also see the woman. He’s the only person out to hurt Danny. He beats him up during his nightmare and has the ability to make his son think it was a woman in “one of the rooms”. Stanley Kubrick cleverly makes you think Danny went into room 237 but he never does and this is another reversal of Stephen King’s novel where he certainly does go into the room (click here). There’s a reason we never see Danny in 237 and anyone who really believes he does go in should go to the end of my main blog and produce a screen shot of him in room 237 to prove it.

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