Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are the ghosts in the movie real?

No! Not a one and that’s the beauty of Stanley Kubrick’s unbelievable deception. What the audience thinks are “ghosts” are visions from the Overlook’s guests who all have this very special supernatural ability to “Shine” that enables them to see these visions. I’ve often thought that in the movie version of this story The Overlook may have been a place that attracted people with this special power to “Shine”. It appears to be quite obvious, and it also seems that people who “Shine” have invisible friends by their sides.
I believe the ghosts that everyone believes haunt The Overlook are actually the Doppelgangers of the current residents, and there’s no solid evidence that I can find to the contrary. Everything they see are visions, whether they be of the past, future, or of their deepest fears. No one is there except the Torrance family. It’s brilliant how Stanley Kubrick gave each cast member powers that make it appear to the audience that The Overlook is haunted, when it actually isn’t.

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