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The Shining Resource Page

Here are some useful websites, just click on each.

”The Shining” post production script.

Freud’s “The Uncanny”.

Stephen King’s “The Shining” text.

Stanley Kubrick’s interview with Michel Ciment.

The deleted scene from the original director's cut.

The lost Stephen King Interview (part 2)

Matching calendars for different years.

A DVD comparison of the four versions of “The Shining”.

The Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York.

"The Shining" in Bluray.

The January 1978 Playgirl Magazine Jack reads on closing day.

A great clip of Stephen King talking about Stanley Kubrick on You Tube.

An In depth talk with Leon Vitali. Some Kubrick questions finally answered.

I’ve set up a site with easy directions for anyone who would like to learn how to blog.

Here’s a table of contents for my entire blog in question form. Click on each to jump to the main text.

Where Are The Special Numbers Stanley Kubrick Wants Us to Notice?

Where are some of the most obvious occurrences of the numbers Stanley Kubrick wants us to notice?

Why in the credits did Stanley Kubrick place 21 double letters in the cast’s names?

Where are some examples of how Stanley Kubrick edited “The Shining” so that specific scenes would have specific time codes?

Where are some examples of how Stanley Kubrick edited “The Shining” so that certain shots would have a specific elapsed time?

Is there any outside proof that Stanley Kubrick planed a numerical substructure in “The Shining”?

The Differences Between The Novel And The Movie.

How did Stanley Kubrick alter Stephen King’s novel?

How did Stanley Kubrick invert Stephen King’s scene with the old woman in the bathroom?

Who is Tony in the film?

Does Stanley Kubrick “Shine” a special word into the minds of Stephen King’s readers?

Where is the obvious symmetry that Stanley Kubrick created with “The Shining’s” time codes?

How was dialogue from the novel altered?

The Significance Of Mirrors In The Film.

Why does Danny have 2 sweaters with numbers on them?

Where did Stanley Kubrick place the number 11 in the dialogue?

Is Jack actually speaking to himself each time he looks into a mirror?

Where does Stanley Kubrick appear in “The shining”?

Things That Move Around, Change Color Or Just Don’t Seem Right.

What is the film’s definition of the “Shine”?

What are some examples of continuity errors in other films?

What is the most revealing alteration Stanley Kubrick made to Stephen King’s novel?

What moves around supernaturally in “The Shining”?

Where is visual proof that Jack also possesses the “Shine”?

Where is proof in the audio that Jack possesses the “Shine”?

Are Danny and Wendy actually seeing the same vision of the bloody elevator?

Is it Tony, or someone else that shows Danny his first vision of The Overlook?

Why does Dick Hallorann return to The Overlook?

How is it that in their discussion in the kitchen Danny knows about room 237, and Dick Hallorann doesn’t?

How do we know it’s not spooks, ghosts, or The Overlook itself that’s causing the paranormal movements that we all see when someone “Shines”?

How could the characters in the film not know what’s happening if things are disappearing, reappearing, moving around or changing color around them?

But Dick Hallorann never says anything to Danny about telekinesis as they speak about the “Shine” in the hotel’s kitchen?

Who opens the storeroom door for Jack?

Does Wendy “Shine”?

Who moves the entrance to the hedge maze at the end of the film?

Is The Overlook itself a maze?

Where did Stanley Kubrick get the idea to use continuity errors for the hidden supernatural movements?

Can people who “Shine” alter the colors of their possessions or surroundings in “The Shining”?

How does Stanley Kubrick show us that people who “Shine” emit psychic energy?

Who beat up Danny?

Does Danny ever go into room 237?

What’s changed inside The Overlook since the Torrance’s arrived?

Why don’t I believe what Danny says to Wendy about room 237?

How does Stanley Kubrick fool Michel Ciment when asked who lets Jack out of the storeroom?

Who rolls the yellow ball to Danny?

Who lures Dick Hallorann back to The Overlook?

In the red bathroom when he lies to Jack, how does Grady know that Dick Hallorann is returning to The Overlook?

Why is the red key so important and who put it in the door of room 237?

Are there other explanations for the supernatural movements I’ve noted in the film?

What Do Delbert Grady And Danny's Friend Tony Have In Common?

How does Stanley Kubrick visually show us that each main character also has an imaginary friend like Tony?

If Jack “Shines”, how does Dick Hallorann not know it?

Does Stanley Kubrick’s Overlook attract people who “Shine”?

What other characters possess the “Shine”?

What’s different about Jack’s imaginary friends?

Where did Stanley Kubrick get the idea to put Doppelgängers in his movie?

The Significance of Yellow and Red in the Movie.

Where are some examples of Stanley Kubrick’s use of the color yellow?

Where are some examples of Stanley Kubrick’s use of the color red?

Is The Overlook Haunted Or Does It "Shine"?

How does “The Shine” work when Dick Hallorann knows Danny’s nickname is Doc?

Can Dick Hallorann or any of the others read minds, like Danny does in the novel?

Why doesn’t Dick Hallorann know about room 237 or any of The Overlook’s ‘ghosts’?

What is the important prop that Stanley Kubrick has placed on Jack’s desk?

When does Jack first look into the scrapbook?

How do I know there’s no basement in Stanley Kubrick’s Overlook?

As they talk in the kitchen, is Dick Hallorann lying to Danny about the visions he may see in the hotel?

In his conversation with Dick Hallorann how does Danny know about room 237?

How does Stanley Kubrick’s dialogue prove the ghosts are all in Jack’s mind?

How does Stanley Kubrick indicate in his dialogue that The Overlook doesn’t “Shine”?

Does Wendy see ‘ghosts’ when she “Shines”?

Where is a list of the visions in “The Shining”?

If The Overlook is haunted how did it lose all its powers at the end of the film?

What about Stanley Kubrick’s Indian burial ground?

Could Stanley Kubrick actually pull off such a deception; a movie about a haunted hotel that isn’t really haunted?

What did Stanley Kubrick say to others about “The Shining”?

Why Is Jack in That Photo From 1921 At The End Of The Movie?

Why do so many people insist that Jack Torrance is a reincarnation of a previous caretaker who had worked in The Overlook?

What self-contradictions has Stanley Kubrick placed in the July 4th photo (click on each link for an in-depth discussion)?

Where did Stanley Kubrick get the idea for the July 4th photo?

When does Stanley Kubrick’s devil possess Jack?

What’s unusual about the final words Jack utters in, Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining”?

In the dialogue exactly how does Grady lie to Jack?

Does the final July 4th photo indicate that Jack was reincarnated?

Who “Shines” in the final scene from “The Shining” after all the characters have gone?

Who “Shines” in the final scene from “The Shining” after all the characters have gone?

How does the July 4th photo represent past, present, and future all at the same time?

Who are the people in the July 4th photo with Jack?

What is the July 4th photo ultimately about?

What is the essential piece of the puzzle that that Stanley Kubrick took out of his film?

What’s Interesting About Danny’s Toys in “The Shining”?

Where are the Hedge Animals in the movie?

What is my FAVORITE section from the novel that Stanley Kubrick left out of the film??

Why did Stanley Kubrick put a Gollywog in “The Shining”?

The End.

Where did Stanley Kubrick get the idea to create “The Shining” the way he did?

What is the Indian connection in “The Shining”?

What is the hidden date in the July 4 photo in the end of “The Shining”?

Why has the date of the Mayan apocalypse changed through the years?

What year does Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining” take place?

If Stanley Kubrick had the end of the world on his mind did he include a prediction from The Bible?

Is the way Stanley Kubrick may have envisioned the world coming to an end also spelled out in the numbers?

Does time tick in Stanley Kubrick’s Overlook?

Are the bloody elevators an omen of death?


How did Stanley Kubrick use Doctor Sigmund Freud to set a trap for anyone trying to understand his “Shining”?

Here are some of the questions about "The Shining" that I've attempt to answer in my blog.

Does the crushed red VW that Dick Hallorann passes on his way to The Overlook mean anything?

Why does Stanley Kubrick have so many important objects colored either red or yellow?

Who rolls the yellow ball to Danny as he plays on the carpet?

Does The Overlook “Shine”?

What happened to Jack in the end of the movie?

Where is the actual Overlook Hotel located.

What do Delbert Grady and Tony have in common?

Why did Stanley Kubrick change so much from the novel?

What do the Numbers Mean?

Is anything wrong with the July 4th 1921 picture?

How has the cast members power to “Shine” been changed from the novel?

Who is Tony?

Who are the women in room 237?

What book does Jack have opened on his desk?

Who lets Jack out of the storeroom?

Are the ghosts in the movie real?

What are there so many references to Native Americans and what do they mean?

Who beat up Danny?

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